10 things that make for a PERFECT day in Juneau, Alaska.

First off, Alaska is an entirely unique part of our country which is seldom visited by many. For those who are trying to truly find themselves, Alaska is the place. I lucked out and got the opportunity of being the Photo Director for a company called Alaska Travel Adventures based out of Juneau. This was an incredible adventure, I didn't even know that I was actually going until two days before. I was afraid I'd be unprepared... Ashley and I were over in Washington celebrating our engagement party and on our flight home I received an email with an official offer and a flight booked. I BEGGED Ashley to let me go on this month long contract as I was sure this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Finally she agreed and said okay. Not only did she give me permission to leave for a month but she also was excited to watch Lil Smoki for the month I was gone. So I did my laundry, repacked my bags and was off the next day! The month long assignment was full of adventures, we took advantage of sunshine and made do in the rain. If I could return for only 3 days (which I may be doing soon) I would attempt to do everything on this list. I love photography and this place is one where someone like me can have a TON of fun! 

Finding Bald Eagles in Juneau Alaska It's a rather easy task if you're dedicated to keeping your head on a swivel.

Spot some bald eagles

Go hiking, bring bear spray.

Bring bear spray on your hikes!Bear are seen pretty frequently in Alaska so don't forget to bring some spray just in case you have a close encounter.


Guided Canoe toursTaking a tour on a canoe will help you see the lakes, glaciers and nature in an entirely unique way.

Climb a mountain...yup go to the top. All the way.

The view atop Mount RobertsA hike is a must while in the area. Summiting Mt.Roberts is assisted with a tram ride 1/2 way up the mountain.

Go fishing/hunting and eat what you kill.

Fresh Grouse & PtarmiganMorgan Keenan holds his prized kill atop Mt.Roberts, we cooked these birds when we got to the bottom.

Hike to the ice caves.

Exploring the Ice CavesWhile exploring the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska, be safe of your surroundings. We almost lost Ryan Kaboly.

Paddle some whitewater.

Paddle WhitewaterWhether it's class 1,2,3, or 4...every river is worth it. Be safe, be smart, find some good guides. Catch the northern lights.

Catching the Northern Lights is so important.When in Juneau, the northern lights come out late summer and can really be a spectacular show.

Hike to glacial water and see the difference.

Hiked to the water reservoir in Juneau Alaska to see another epic view and enjoy the mountain air.


STARGAZE.Stargazing is very important in Alaska, unpolluted by city lights.



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