Who is Austin Marvel?

Austin Marvel is most accurately described as a visionary marketing specialist.

*Based in Charlotte, NC...Austin, Ashley and the dog "Lil Smoki" are planning a wedding for 2017.*

*With international volunteer work on his mind, he always has a longing for travel.*

*Austin typically chases work that gives him an excuse to adventure.*

*With his undergrad in Business & Marketing he's often involved in commercial photography.*

*Many of Austin's most favorable shots can be found on social media, in print ads or up on a wall!*

*While he thrives in photography & videography he's often found in marketing strategies.*

*Because of this drive for adventure, some of his most sought after shots are taken outside.*

*That being said, shots provided in different environments must be held to the same quality standards.*

*Austin Marvel's photographs convey the moment(s) caught in realtime with all relevant emotions.*

*Because capturing moments are so important to him Weddings are among his area of expertise.*

*In fact, working with people has proven to provide some of Austin's most compelling photography.*

*Graduation sessions*

*Candid In-Action photographs*

Ashley Rampon - NoAnchorAshley Rampon - NoAnchor *Product promotion photography*

*Lifestyle & editorial use photographs*

*Engagement photographs*

*Headshots & profile photos* 


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*ENTRY 010-What is Royale?






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