Austin Marvel | 3 EASY tips to improve photographs

3 EASY tips to improve photographs

3 simple ways to improve your photographs...



Place people in your shots

Oneata Gorge

Following people gives a photograph a feel as if you're going somewhere with the people in the shot.

Sometimes, placing people in the frame is very important, even in landscape photography. People want to look at your photo and envision themselves taking in that moment. Photographs can't capture the smells on the breeze, the sounds of the water or the conversation that the group is having. These are factors that you should plan to compensate for. What I've found, is that in order to get candid movements, sometimes, you have to hang back behind the action.




Put an object in your shots (when people aren't an option)

BudweiserA cold Brew in the mountains!

Make sure that the object is clear and visible. Having the background in focus is not necessary... however, it can add some perspective to your shot(s). Whether you have a nice camera or not, the specific placement of an object defines everything. Ever heard of the rule of thirds? Color psychology? These things are worth considering.

When shooting with a DSLR, the way to focus the background is by having a higher F-STOP/Aperture.

Balance your exposure with ISO & Shutter Speed.





Adventure GurusAdventure Guru praises God for this pure water!

The best photographs don't always happen on your first attempt. Sometimes, particular shots involve precise timing, so it may take multiple tries to actually get THE SHOT that you really want. It requires patience, but it is always worth it.

If a photo doesn't look the way you or they want it to... don't be afraid to snap a second, third, fourth and fifth photo!



Also...let's not forget to have fun. The number one rule. I'm excited to hear whether or not these tweaks help!



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