Austin Marvel | 5 awesome people from 2K16

5 awesome people from 2K16

It's 2017. At this point, nothing would surprise me. A LOT has happened in the last year. 

Along the way, I met a good amount of people...some of which I was lucky enough to help out with my camera!

While it was tough to narrow this blog to five people, here it is...

Here are 5 people I met in 2016, who have inspired me to accomplish more every day!



   Egide Murindababisha

Egide MurindababishaThe man, awesome vision in Rwanda

Egide and I met on my trip down to Africa in December, in fact he met me at the airport when I landed. He was my first friend in Africa. Egide took me along with his friends on a road trip to a unique part of the country to get some photographs.

We talked about what he's doing and he showed me how they plan to help get mothers to be independent tea farmers so that they can support their families.

Check out what they've been up to lately; The Kula Project 



  Morgan Keenan

Morgan KeenanOutdoor Adventure Guide

Morgan and I met working as guides in Juneau this September.

While in Alaska we talked much about life, adventure and beginning a lifestyle of travel photography. He always has a free spirit with a sense of adventure, longing for travel and desire to meet new people. 

This guy goes everywhere. He's from Charlotte, so we caught up over beers and played with cameras when he came here for a week in November.

Now, Morgan is working as a mountain tech in Jackson Hole.



   Bob & Marilee Stephens

Bob & Marilee StephensThese two had been in love since the 8th grade. Here they are seen with their sponsor child in Rwanda, Africa.

I met this couple on my trip down to Africa.

They instantly took on the role of my grandparents for our ten day expedition.

We often had good talks about love, life and everything in between. They're much older and experienced than I, or as some like to say "seasoned." These two gave me some awesome life advice and they fell in love in 8th grade! Here, they are pictured with Sandrine, a child they've sponsored down in Rwanda and on this trip they got to meet her!

Some of the photos from our trip can be found here; austinmarvel-saving light



  Isaac Crandall Isaac CrandallThis man works on large scale machine oil analysis while proving that a brand can be friendly.

Isaac is a very humble, hard worker who is spiritually inspiring to many who get to know him. He is an outdoor enthusiast, Oil Analysis expert and helps run a business called Huroic; a company who provide quality gear to those who Start-Living. 

We met in a finance class and decided it was time for some adventures!

Some of our photos from our adventure(s) can be seen here...

The overall motif is to empower and encourage people to adventure to the outdoors, pushing boundaries all the while... keeping you comfortably dry.

All of the photoshoots we've done have included some crazy outdoor adventures!

Check them out here:




John MulisaA great spiritual leader. John is a passionate minister in Rwanda.

John Mulisa is a pastor of a church with multiple campuses and he has a passion for helping others. 

Being an African, John is a great host/guide for people who have a desire to help Rwanda. 

He is also involved with getting children from his church sponsored so they can have essential utilities; education, insurance, food & clothes. I told him I would help update the Facebook page with some of the photos we got while down there in December on our mission trip.

Check them out here:




)My Favorite is the pic of the Old Man (The Elder) with his fancy coat and walking stick in Rwanda awesome pic Austin!
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