Austin Marvel | Space needle effect

Space needle effect

Ah yes, one of my favorite photographs..Ashley and I drove up to Seattle for the weekend technically for work, (a graduation photoshoot). Yes, we brought Lil Smoki along with us. We explored downtown all day because it was my birthday, enjoyed iced cream, the waterfront park and good food before ending the day with an awesome view! I decided that I wanted to try a particular shot as my mind had been conceptualizing the technique...Here's how I did it;

This shot was a 30 second long exposure shot with my Canon 60D that I paired with a Tamron 18-300mm when I was in Seattle, Washington.

The space needle moves because I actually zoomed the lens in three times during the 30 second exposure of this photograph. To replicate it, you've got to start your shot on a tripod and zoomed all the way out. Since it's a 30 second photo I wanted to give each focal point specific time accordingly 8 seconds at 100mm, 9 seconds at 200mm and 12 seconds at 300mm. The final focal length of 300mm had about 12 seconds to ensure the largest space needle was most in focus. It may take a couple of tries! I reccomend setting up your shot's focus detail and framing the composition prior to pressing the shutter. I like this shot in particular because it gives me a chance to tell the story of this infamous Seattle photograph while teaching a lesson of a unique photography technique.

It actually makes a beautiful print on aluminum, my prime size for this photograph is 16X24 inches. Aluminum prints mount on the wall in a modern flare.

I choose to print these photos on Aluminum because it's surface sheen gives the photographs a natural feel with an incredible HD shine to them. 

This shot is just a long exposure shot from the same spot zoomed all the way out. It looks awesome paired with the other photo side by side!

If you'd like to purchase one or both photos, I will gladly make it happen for you and ship them to your doorstep ready to mount!

All contributions go towards my next adventure, hopefully you'll be there on it with me!



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