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When people ask where I come from, all these photographs that I've taken run through my head as I smile and say, "Washington...state."

Lunar LapseBlood Moon Sequence photographThis was the view of the ominous blood moon lunar eclipse from a rooftop in Cheney, Washington shot at 500mm over a span of three hours. TURNBULLGolden Hour has arrived.Golden hour. The hour before and after sunset. This is always my favorite time to shoot with clients. I captured this beginning of a sunset while on a graduation shoot in Turnbull Wildlife Refuge outside of Spokane, Washington. StarLapseStarLapseOne of my favorite shots to capture while out in the backcountry. This was a 20 minute long-exposure photograph taken outside of Leavenworth, Washington. Visual VibesWashington's AgricultureWashington state is very fruitful in harvest crop agriculture. The mountains and ocean run into the desert plains to create an extremely healthy region of land. The GorgeThe GorgeThe gorge amphitheater brings both performers and audiences from around the world. The nearby accommodations help keep visitors very comfortable. Lake WenatcheeLake WenatcheeWaking up to this view and the sound of wolves howling was only made better by the scent of fresh coffee brewing, accented with the noise of sizzling bacon. Bellingham WALummi IslandOn the 4th of July, we've had this tradition of throwing beachside parties on Lummi Island in the san juan's on the indian reservation with massive bonfires and fireworks. Waterfall HuntingMany people have claimed Oregon to be THE state for waterfalls, that is simply because they don't get out to Washington to explore... WASHINGTONWashington in the fall is unlike anything...Seriously, go walk around where there's no sound of a road somewhere in Washington state during the fall... WASHINGTON STATEWashington has THE best season transitions..When it's about to go from summer to autumn, often times dramatic changes are observed. Spokane WASpokane Spokane is great this time of year because you're never too far from some awesome scenes. Views from WashingtonViews from WashingtonThe state is very mountainous, even the flat areas are surrounded by mountains or hills. Climb one for once. Columbia RiverColumbia RiverDid you know that Washington state is home to the tallest treeless mountain in the world? It's called Rattlesnake Mountain, outside of Tri-Cities, WA. River BendWashington's waterThe water here in this state is cleaner than most places in the world, besides Hanford area obviously. Vista point Tri Cities WABadger mountainHaving a flat space surrounded by mountains allows for stunning views of the surrounding landscape. DRIFTINGDrift potential in Washington stateOften times in this vast desert area, pools of light dust collects and makes sunset drifting a possibility.

I plan to return to Washington state for a week in March of 2017 and I am SO excited.

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