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Time to commemorate ALL of your late night cramming, caffeine addiction and going to class even when you didn't feel like it.

When you book me, we typically go on a sunset adventure to shoot for about an hour before the sun actually sets. Altogether depending on how many photographs you desire, the photoshoot lasts about two to three hours. The best shots are chosen, touched up and put on an online gallery for you to download within 14 days. Prints of your favorite shots can be purchased through the gallery. 

The Tassel ShotA timeless pose for graduating seniors. They call this hour before sunset, "The Golden Hour."

We can go to different parts of the campus that best represent your field of study. 

A popular spot on the EWU campus mall. Bring a friendFor no extra charge!

Bring a friend along for no extra charge!

This was completely impromptu pose and it actually came out great!

This is where we can get really creative and start having some fun!

"Okay one serious photo for grandma..."

We will try out poses and ideas.

Bring a prop or two!This is an inside joke that only her closest friends and family know about.  

I usually bring along a bluetooth speaker to almost get a groove while posing!

PinterestingLogan did a great job bringing this shot to life!

Ryder RichardsonRyder was happy and his mother was ecstatic!

Graduation packages are priced at $379.00

This fee includes travel fees, 2-3 hours of shooting, professional editing, access to all 30-50 jpeg files, lifetime hosting and taxes too.

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