Austin Marvel | Wait, what is this, "Royale"?

Wait, what is this, "Royale"?

Here is an exclusive interview with the founder of Royale Entertainment, Chase Bjornson.

(I'm the text in Green and he's the one in Blue)

What/why you have started with Royale?

Where do I start. I suppose I'd start when I was 12 years old. I was young, naive, and unsure about what the future held for me. My eldest brother worked on the Vans Warped Tour during those years, and 2004 was the first year that he brought me out to one of the dates. At the time, Warped Tour was stopping through Bozeman, Montana. This was when the Warped Tour stood for Punk Rock, not the washed down nonsense that it has become since. I was 12 years old with a backstage pass to what would soon be my vision of destiny. My life was forever changed that day. From that point forward, I knew that the crazy, chaotic world of the live music industry was where I belonged. 

It didn't take long for me to acquire my first guitar with aspiring dreams of being a rock star. I fell deep into the world of Punk Rock, Pop Punk, and Alternative; and I wanted nothing more than to be successful in the industry. After a few years, during high school, I started my first bands and began performing with other musicians in Missoula. It was through developing, branding, and organizing these various music projects in high school and early college that I began to book my first shows. What began as a booking career as the frontman in Pop Punk cover bands in high school later transformed into a deep desire to bring artists that I was passionate about to Montana during my college years- mostly in the realm of Hip-Hop at the time. It was in 2011 that I hosted my first event as Royale Entertainment Company.

Since then, Royale has grown into its role as a major player in the northwest music scene, having thrown over 150 events throughout Montana, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and Utah. Though we have worked primarily in Electronic music in years since, we do not limit to any certain genre. We book Electronic music, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Metal, and more, and we're growing constantly. Royale has also since emerged as a successful grassroots apparel brand representing innovation, creativity, and passion. Royale Entertainment Company is my colleagues' and I's way of channeling our immense love for music, art, and creative expression into something bigger than ourselves.

What do you want to accomplish on a big scale?

I want to keep growing Royale as large as possible. Sky is the limit.

What have you learned since starting Royale?

I have learned more fundamental lessons about life, business, and my own self through my endeavors in Royale than I can possibly count. It has been the most important adventure of my life.

How have my photos helped you come closer to accomplishing your mission?

Having constant, innovative, fresh ideas in marketing is essential for success. Specifically in branding an apparel line. Austin's photographs from all around the world of adventure seekers wearing the brand have played a major role in moving our apparel forward. 

What would you like to see in 2017?

I would like to continue to expand on the events that we produce and also continue to develop the apparel brand. I want to make 2017 the most successful year yet for Royale Entertainment Company and all of the wonderful businesses that we work with.

I thanked Chase for his time and informed him about my upcoming trips to see what he'd like to get onboard with!

Below are some of my favorite photographs that I've gotten for them over the years!

Royale is a company that has been one of my most consistent apparel sponsors throughout my career as a photographer.

They've hooked me up with the highest quality apparel for many of my adventures. 

I am very particular about the brands I represent because of my nature in PR, if a company doesn't have similar values... I just can't support it.

Throughout the multiple conversations that I've had with the founder of the company I've discovered that there is a true passion for what they're doing. Anything that has a passionate leader inspires me to get onboard with their mission. Regardless of the industry. 

Because Royale has been so generous to contributing on all of my trips, I knew I had to help get some cool photography for their social media!

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