Austin Marvel | You're NOT addicted to your phone?

You're NOT addicted to your phone?

It's so easy to get used to invasive technology nowadays.

We are conditioned to think that if it's from a somewhat reputable source, our extended eye contact...with our screens is justifiable. This mindset only builds the symbiotic relationship between you and your device(s). To be up to date with what's going on in the world we NEED our phones, or have been convinced that we do.

We feel vulnerable without our phones. -"What if... there's an emergency?"

It's a key to information and updates. We live in a digital era where all of our news, communication, business deals and transactions rely on a pocket sized supercomputer. When we take the human element out of this equation it reinforces this notion that we actually belong to our phones. In the USA, it's definitely hard to walk down streets in any city and make eye contact with anyone anymore. The ideas touched in Fahrenheit 451 are becoming our reality. It really is getting out of hand, and we don't even care to notice it. Let alone talk about it.

...At the very least, let me give you an opporunity to think about it.


Try these three things to help you gauge phone presence in your life...


Watch one human for 2 minutes..only 120 seconds...count how many times their eyes are met with a screen. Practice doing this.


This one's tougher...try locking your phone away for two hrs...CAUTION you will feel naked without it.


If I've still got you...think back...when is the last time that you went 72 hours without a technologic device on your person?

Honestly answer that to yourself.

Unless you're one of the few outliers reading this, nobody remembers going three days without a technological device with them. Not within the last five years rather. I'm no better... even in our backcountry expeditions to Hells Canyon, we had satellite phones with us. You know, just in case someone on the team got bit by a snake, stung by a bee or needed a helivac. The idea of these exercises is simply to help show you how present a phone is when a human is present. My end goal in life is to help motivate people to separate from technology emotionally. That means breaking the bond with technology you are most dependant upon. There are three categories of people in this instance; one which is aware of the situation and actively works to change that, one which is aware of the situation yet chooses to disregard any responsibility of change, and of course those who are just simply unaware of the situation.

Which one are you, which category would you choose to be in?


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