Austin Marvel | Inside Interview with the President of Cimtec

Inside Interview with the President of Cimtec

The following article contains an exclusive in depth interview with the president of Cimtec Automation Engineering Solutions out of Charlotte, North Carolina. When we met up in Alaska last summer, he told me to come check out the CIMTEC office upon returning to Charlotte. When I came in, I was given a tour and basically briefed on what CIMTEC really does. Further, I've always been a fan of interviewing successful entrepreneurs... 


Thanks again for having me in today. I was hoping you could answer just a couple of questions for the blog post I'm putting together...

President of Cimtec inspecting the room of inventory

"Who in the marketplace does CIMTEC provide solutions for?"

• Cimtec serves the discrete manufacturing environment. These are companies that assemble, fabricate or mold components or finished goods.

"What makes Cimtec Automation different from other automation companies?"

• We are one of the few companies that can provide a solution to a manufacturing problem (ex: inspection), specify the hardware, install the hardware and support the solution after commissioning with parts and onsite support.

Dan Keenan (President of CIMTEC) Shows one of his favorite new robotic machines.

"When did you get involved with Cimtec?"

• I was a “Business Turnaround” professional. My skills were to take businesses that are failing and return them to profitability. My clients were the courts, banks and individual business owners. Unifi ask me to evaluate a subsidiary, Unifi Technology Group, Inc., a failing division of the company. I recommended selling off this division, and over a longer story, I ended up buying the company and returning it to its original name, Cimtec Automation.

"Geographically, where does Cimtec operate?"

• Cimtec Distribution – North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

• CEP (CIMTEC Engineered Products) – Regionally, Southeast US

"...Can your product(s) be found in various states? Countries?"

• Qualitrol International – Nationally and Globally (54 countries)

"Why is automation so important in today's day and age?"

• Quality and production requirements are very high and needed to keep domestic business competitive globally. Labor is becoming more scarce and automation meets both of these issues.

"How can people who are interested in what Cimtec Automation is doing, actively show their support?"

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